Mittwoch 21. Februar 2018

Impact Measurement


Focus Area 2014


It is strategically valuable to calculate the „impact“ of a company, that is, the total social and ecological impacts of business activity. This enables measuring and steering all realms of Sustainability (social, ecological and economic). In addition, various stakeholder groups increasingly demand that business take responsibility, this includes the consideration of social and ecological costs.


How large is the impact of sustainable business activity in actuality and how can this be measured? The Austrian network will deal with this question in detail in 2014. Topics from the post 2015 development agenda will be considered and related to the measurement of sustainable business activity. The global goals pursued by the UN Global Compact should have an impact locally. This refers to an increasing attention to the impacts of the UN in the four areas of the 10 principles.


At the moment, tools are being developed that support companies in the development and assessment of criteria and indicators to measure their Sustainability performance. Some tools to measure economic and ecological impacts are already established and used. A gap exists in the measurement of external societal impacts that are more difficult to grasp. This, for example, refers to the impact of companies in their direct neighbourhood, the opportunities offered to employees and how accepted a company is in society.



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